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What is a HUD owned home? It is a home that had a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) that has been foreclosed upon. FHA then transfers ownership of the property to HUD. The process of purchasing a HUD home isn't quite the same as you will encounter when buying a home from an individual. HUD owned homes are sold using a bidding process. There is an offer period, during which offers are submitted online in the HUDHomeStore website, at the end of the bidding period all offers are opened and the winning bidder is notified. 

Century 21 Homeland Realtors is a HUD listing agent with BLB Resources. Our goal is to help agents, lenders, and buyers during the HUD home selling process. We are always available to answer any questions about the HUD home selling process.

In today's real estate market the web including mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more popular every day among buyers and sellers. Increasingly, home buyers are turning towards these devices to use in their home buying search experience. The HUDHomeStore website is the most up-to-date source for available HUD homes for sale. They also offer educational videos and information regarding all aspects the HUD home selling process.

Visit the HUDHomeStore website to find your dream home! The Department of Housing and Urban Development has released a set of apps for Android and iOS users which allows you to easily browse the available HUD inventory in your area or across the country! Click the corresponding link below and download your HUDHomeStore app today. Happy house hunting!

How to buy a HUD Home

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